Water Saving Tips

Water is a scarce and precious resource, and we all have to do our bit to save where we can. We’re not saying that we should have the “marooned on a desert island” approach, but you can make a valuable difference just by making a small change.

Here are some tips to help you save.

  • Shower more, bath less. Having a bath may be relaxing, but you could save a lot by showering instead.
  • While you’re in the shower, take a bucket along. This may seem odd, but all the water that ends up in the bucket could be used to water your plants.
  • Forced savings. Limit the flow of water by selecting taps, showers & mixers that restrict water flow. You can’t get more wet than wet, and you’d be surprised just how little water is required once you start limiting the flow. On the up side you get that tingling air bubble feeling, while you use a shower or tap. So that’s more tingle, equal amount of clean and less water for a winning combination.
  • Keep it flush. Flushing away clean water is rather wasteful. Why not look at toilets that use less of that clean water to begin with. The design of toilets has advanced to such an extent that the shape of a toilet itself can add to the water saving exercise. Consider a concealed cistern installation and a dual flush mechanism. Not only does it look quite snazzy, you also get to use less water when you need less water.
  • Make an impression. If you have a dishwasher, use it only when you have a full load of dishes. It makes more sense to wash the odd dish by hand than to load up a dishwasher with a spoon, bowl and a coffee mug. The same goes for your washing machine.
  • Land it in hot water. Consider a hydroboil system for your kitchen. You get hot water when you need it, and only as much as you need at a given time. Filling the kettle for a cup of tea in the evening? How much hot water do you really need?
  • Check you municipal bill. If you’re suddenly using a lot of water there may be a leak somewhere. While you’re at it, check all your water points for leaks. If you need the might of Hulk to keep water from dripping from that tap, you may want to consult your plumber.
  • Look to the skies. Collect your rainwater. Invest in a collection tank and use the water for your garden. If properly treated and given the right conditions, rainwater could be safe for home use, true story.
  • Give back to the earth. Consider watering times, temperatures, the type of plants in your garden, the timing of your sprinklers and every other way in which you could save in the garden. You’d be surprised how much you can save my just being conscious of your water use.
  • Start small. If you can afford to install every water saving device possible, then we’d encourage you to do so. If however you are not able to, don’t feel overwhelmed. Start small. Don’t run the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving. Think about how you can save. Make water saving fun for the kids, and take time to consider its importance. And if being conscious doesn’t move you, just think of it as saving money. Either way you win.

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