Product Care Tips

Want to keep your bathroom or kitchen products looking like new? We’ve put together a few tips to help you keep them in tip top shape.

  • Chrome – Taps & Mixers – Stay away from abrasives. A light detergent and a clean micro fibre cloth should do the trick.
  • Ceramics – Toilets & Basins – The same applies here. Use designated cleaners for toilets etc, and keep the outside and inside of basins clean by using a light detergent as well. Once again, no abrasives. A non-scratch scouring pad (the pink ones) should be fine, but be careful.
  • Special Composites – V&A baths and basins are made from a patented Quarrycast material, and should not be cleaned with abrasives either. These products are super tough, but you don’t want to scratch them.
  • Stainless Steel – Kitchen Sinks etc. A regular wipe should do the trick. We also have a special Inox Cream available to keep your sinks looking fresh.
  • Aerators and Showers. Limescale is not only unsightly, but it limits the flow of water through showers and taps. Luckily most modern pieces are fitted with removable parts, so just open them up and give them a good wipe. For older showers we’ve found that soaking the head in a mixture of vinegar and a little water helps loosen the stubborn grime. If you have to go to those lengths, we’d suggest a shower with rubber jets – just one rub and you’re set.
  • Stickers – If you should have a label on any of your basins, sinks or toilets, try to remove them carefully. If a sticky residue remains, use a spray lubricant like Wurth WS5 (which we stock). You can use it on any solid surface and it strips glue like a charm.
  • Cistern Care – We’d suggest refraining from using cistern blocks if possible. Over time they can affect the washers and seals in your cistern, which could lead to a leak.


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