Keep your plumbing in tip top shape

Staying home over the festive season? An inevitable influx of friends and family is unavoidable. This means that the plumbing in your home needs to perform at a slightly higher level than usual.

Here are some solutions to common issues we find occurring during the festive season.

  1. The geyser overflow runs very hot – Run some hot water in the bath or shower and contact your plumber immediately.
  2. The geyser overflow drips heavily – Slight dripping is normal due to expansion and the ambient heat, but if it is heavy you can turn your geyser thermostat down to see if this solves the problem.
  3. Blocked drains – You could use a special drain acid for minor issues. We stock some really good ones, but be careful and use only cold water with these products.
  4. Dripping taps – Spares and washers are your friend. We happen to stock a wide range of products that may be suitable.
  5. Cold showers due to too much hot water being used – 6 people should be able to shower comfortably for 4 minutes at a time with a typical geyser. We stock a wide range of water saving shower roses to help save water too.
  6. When in doubt, call in a registered plumber or feel free to phone your local CP&B store, and we will gladly assist where possible.

For holiday renovation inspiration please visit our Pinterest page and get yourself ready for the bathroom or kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

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